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Dear Sirs !

      It is our privilege to be able to present you only a small part of a very rich offer of the Metalwork - Andrzej Jędrzejewski company. Our company has been existed since 1946 year. We produce a wide range of hand wrought products according to our own as well as our clients designs.

      Many years experience, applying traditional blacksmith's technology as well as high quality made it possible for us to consolidate our high position in the domestic as well as foreign market. You can find our products in many country’s, like Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, France and even U.S.A.

      We were awarded, above other, with the title a Handicraft Master No. VI/90-381/79 as well as a Gold Badge for Care of Monuments. They are prestigious titles awarded by the Minister of Culture and Art. Our products were also honored with first place in many artistic metalwork's competitions.

      Experiences in contacts with a lot of our clients to date, make it possible for us to present you an attractive offer for cooperation. We invite you to familiarize with our internet web

Yours sincerely: